Tosmat Foods and Agro Products also specializes in Cassava processing, especially Garri. Our Cassava products range from Garri (Ijebu, White, and Yellow) which is a staple food especially in the Western region of Africa to Cassava Flour, Starch, etc. Our products are prepared under hygienic conditions with little human contact.


Experience the essence of cassava in its purest form with the 1kg tosmat garri. We maintain the rich flavor and nutritional benefits of cassava. We make our product ideal for culinary creations requiring a more substantial bite. Packaged to suit different consumer needs, tosmat garri is perfect for hearty stews, soups, or as a base for innovative grain bowls.


Embrace the heartiness of cassava with Tosmat garri 2kg, embodying the essence of traditional cooking. These generously-sized pearls, with their robust texture and rich flavor, infuse rustic charm into your culinary creations. Perfect for hearty soups, casseroles, and rustic dishes, they provide a satisfying bite and an authentic taste of heritage cuisine and pleasure.


The 5kg Tosmat garri grits boast versatility and nutritional value. These grits, slightly coarser in texture, retain the natural goodness of cassava. They are meticulously processed to offer a blend of texture and taste, suitable for both savory and sweet dishes. With packaging options catering to various needs, these grits are perfect for traditional dishes or innovative recipes.

We are open to bulk/wholesales order of our Garri (Yellow/White)

Kindly Contact us if interested 

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