Tosmat Foods & Agro Products

Fabrication of processing equipment for both domestic and industrial usage

About Us

Tosmat Foods & Agro Products is an agro allied company that commenced operation in 2013. The company is into fabrication of processing equipment for both domestic and industrial usage. The company has fabrication of graters, pressers, hammer mills, homogenizers, gari fryers,dryers etc

Tosmat Garri 5kg
Tosmat Garri 5kg
Garri adds a lot of health benefits to human health which is not just limited to giving energy to the body.
Tosmat Garri 1kg
Tosmat Garri 1kg
There are some other important nutrition Garri contains that surprisingly adds benefits to health and lifestyle which many people may never have come across.
Tosmat Garri Mini Pack 2kg
Tosmat Garri Mini Pack 2kg
Garri has many nutritional contents. The minerals and vitamins contained in garri and other cassava derivatives.

Mechanical Cassava Fryer

Roasting is done mechanically using an automated Garri fryer made of stainless steel material and with electricity, natural gas, firewood or charcoal as the heat source. The finished product (Garri) is usually recognized from the color change from white to cream (for non-palm oil fortified Garri) and crispy hand feel of the grains/particles.

  • 1. This type of fryer is a stirring pot, and the heating method can be electric/gas;

  • 2. Simple installation and easy operation.

  • 3. ┬áHand wheel-shaking discharging. It is efficient and practical.

Mechanical Sifter

Cassava is a multipurpose crop for man and livestock. Cassava starch is an ingredient in the manufacture of dyes, drugs, chemicals, carpets and in the coagulation of rubber latex. The way forward is the design of appropriate mechanical device and system for sieving dried cassava flakes (Garri). This project seeks to design and fabricate an improved garri sifting machine. There is need for the development of commercial scale garri sifting machine where the roasted garri can be properly monitored. Some design considerations used in this project include efficiency, portability, and safety of operations.

Our Location

Soku, along Fashola Community Oyo-Iseyin road,Oyo State,Nigeria