Rolling Innovation: MOCAPI – Tosmat Foods’ Mobile Cassava Processing Innovation

In the intricate world of cassava processing, where challenges often demand ingenious solutions, the need for innovation is paramount. At Tosmat Foods and Agro Products, we not only recognize this need but embrace it as a guiding principle. In our pursuit of efficiency with minimal resources, we are thrilled to unveil MOCAPI – Mobile Cassava Processing Innovation, a revolutionary concept that brings a mini Garri factory directly to you.

Innovation in Focus: MOCAPI

Imagine a tricycle or truck equipped with the essential Garri processing machinery – that is MOCAPI, designed to streamline the cassava processing value chain, MOCAPI is our answer to enhancing efficiency and mobility in Garri production.

Advantages of MOCAPI

  1. Mobility : MOCAPI is not confined to a fixed location. Its mobility allows us to bring cassava processing closer to the source, reducing transportation costs and ensuring fresher raw materials.
  2. Efficiency on the Move: By integrating the majority of Garri processing equipment onto a compact mobile unit, MOCAPI eliminates the need for a traditional processing plant. This not only optimizes space but also significantly reduces operational costs.
  3. Sustainability: Tosmat Foods believes in sustainable practices. MOCAPI aligns with our commitment by utilizing resources effectively, minimizing waste, and promoting eco-friendly processing.

At Tosmat Foods and Agro Products, MOCAPI represents our dedication to pushing the boundaries of traditional methods, embracing change, and leading the way in the cassava processing revolution. Join us on this journey as we redefine possibilities in the pursuit of excellence. Innovation is not just a choice; it’s our commitment to shaping a sustainable and resource-efficient future.

a tricycle or truck equipped with the essential Garri processing machinery.


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