TOSMAT FOODS AND AGRO PRODUCTS is one of Nigeria’s leading and fast-growing food processing and agro-allied processing equipment Fabrication Company. The company was established in September 2013. We pride ourselves on the knowledge, skills, and expertise of our employees who work together as a team delivering successful projects. Valuing the importance of relationships, we have a collaborative approach that is flexible and can respond quickly to the needs of our clients.


To be one of the top leading companies in the agro-allied equipment fabrication industry and also one of the leading producers of garri and other Cassava related products with top-end quality.


To reach the customer’s satisfaction, by providing the best services on time with competitive prices.


Maintaining clients’ satisfaction while they achieve a responsible return on investment that would facilitate continuous growth of their business.



Our Company is an indigenous engineering company, which deals with the designing, fabrication, installation, and maintenance of processing plants for both industrial and domestic usage. Tosmat Foods and Agro Products is recognized as one of the best and technically capable fabricators in Nigeria. This reputation has been earned by consistently exceeding the expectations of our customers with regard to fabrication and product excellence supported by exceptional technical service.


Tosmat Foods and Agro Products also specializes in Cassava processing, especially Garri. Our Cassava products range from Garri (Ijebu, White, and Yellow) which is a staple food especially in the Western region of Africa to Cassava Flour, Starch, etc. Our products are prepared under hygienic conditions with little human contact.


We have highly competent and well-trained Staff who ensures that our products are with a touch of distinction.
We have grown to be one of the leaders in our field because we build and nurture strong client relationships, we rise to any challenge and we value innovation and resourcefulness.
As we undertake new projects, we are continually searching for ways to improve performance and also help our customers’ businesses to succeed.
We believe an empowered organization is one in which individuals have the knowledge, skill, and opportunity to succeed personally in a manner that leads to corporate success.
Our experienced team members ensuring that our clients’ needs are met while delivering projects that meet our accredited Quality, Safety, and Environmental Standards.
As we undertake new projects, we are continually searching for ways to improve performance and also help our customers’ businesses to succeed.
We have the strong leadership skills and togetherness necessary to ensure the actualization of our mission and values.
We continually desire to achieve the reputation of quality, high standard, and reliable products and production. All our services are backed up with effective after-sales services.
We are committed to delivering a superior quality product in the shortest possible time frame maximizing value for our clients.